Port of Providence Records

Established 2013.

The Port of Providence is a record label based out of Providence, Rhode Island. We put out music we like on records, CDs, cassettes, and as digital downloads.

At the heart of it all, we are lovers of music.

POP Records specializes in small print runs in all formats; vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, and digital downloads. We are a grassroots label and hand print/press/screen/stamp/assemble most releases ourselves. We do have some of our releases manufactured though, because hey, shiny objects are fun, too.

We don’t grow Rock Stars. With so many unheard voices in our own neighborhood, we give that music a soap-box to be heard from. When you listen to one of our releases, you’re hearing something that we love, and we like to think we have pretty good taste. With a tendency to lean towards punk and garage, POP dips in and out of genre; our main focus is putting out music that you might not have heard yet, but definitely should.

Port of Providence Records is a family of like-minded people. We like to put out music that we make…and we like meeting awesome people, and releasing their music even better. If you’ve got something you think we should hear, feel free to send us a message here.