Comrade Jackson

Comrade Jackson’s The Man That Stood Up is available now on POP Records! Get it here.

Currently working on his memoirs, the tale will detail in full the trials and travails of Comrade Jackson’s celebrated and storied and sordid history.

Suffice to say, he grew up playing music, he started recording when he was 6, played in bands, recorded lots of records, was genius at everything he did (so genius in fact it was all too precious to be heard by the masses’ ears less they all give up their life’s goals as they could never live up to the perfection that was Comrade’s music), he had several stays at a nice “hotel” in the country, wrote these songs as prompted by a “nice lady” who saw him for 45 minutes at a time once a week – they were catchy little ditties said the “nice lady”.

The rest (surely the conquering of the musical, if not spiritual, if not economic, if not political world, if not solving mid-east peace…etc) is to be written still…

…and you will know it when you hear it dear listeners…

Oh yes.

You will know.

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