Masters of Vessels


Masters Of Vessels’ “Processing The Whale” is an album whose story is best told straight.

In the spring of 2009 Kevin Toth made a social call from Brooklyn to his pal Chris Fragale in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Together they visited the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, Mass.It seemed that every exhibit in the place was simply more blood curdlingly appalling than the one before, until all they could do was laugh uncomfortably. Upon returning to Chris’s apartment they decided to write a song about the experience and then go out for seafood.Surprisingly enough this morally ambiguous plan worked.

Kevin was duly dispatched back to New York to undertake an intensive research/lyric writing regimen.

Over the next three years the pair met up for sporadic, usually weekend long recording sessions. Given that the lyrics were fairly well bound to nineteenth century whaling jargon Chris & Kevin decided all bets were off on the musical direction of the record. Subsequently they ended up with an oddball melange of nineteen-sixties rave-up, traditional sea chantey, indie pop, folk rock, you name it.

All told the album ended up a rollicking good time. Those words could never ever ever ever be applied to the industry that inspired it.

Masters Of Vessels
Maritime Goth
Providence, Rhode Island