#POP006: Pixels – Hello EP

Pixels– Hello EP
Released: Scheduled February 2016
Format: CD or Digital Download

1. Memory Boy
2. FTP
3. Nitro Apollo
6. Soundblaster 16
5. I Made a Career Out of Losing You (Bonus Track)

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Facebook: facebook.com/deathtopixels
Twitter: @ben_days
Bandcamp: pixelsusa.bandcamp.com

Hello ~~~ a new EP from pixels at their most lo-fi yet – like a lost AM radio GEM, this home made recording is sure to tickle your heart with catchy melodies and induced nostalgia. Recorded by pixels on multiple four track cassette recorders in their rehearsal space in Providence, RI on Valentines Day 2015 during a blizzard, with some overdubs in the following days. Mastered, graciously, by Nick Stumpf [Los Angeles, CA]